About Limis

LIMIS stands for innovations in healthcare.

Mission Statement

Being an internationally recognized training and expertise centre in complex laparoscopic surgery, LIMIS combines specific medical knowledge and market demands into innovative new technologies and concepts.


LIMIS trains people, develops new training tools and innovates methods and products together with companies, universities and knowledge centres.

Healthcare is currently faced with new challenges. Modern technology enables us to elevate the skills of surgeons and other medical specialists to an even higher level. In the meantime diseases of affluence and ageing threaten the affordability of healthcare. ā€˜Healthy ageingā€™ is therefore justifiably high on the agenda for business in the Netherlands.

LIMIS develops innovative products and services that are demanded by society. Consider, for example, the development of the virtual operating room on the PC for OR assistants and surgeons. Or ā€˜serious gamingā€™ for surgeons to improve their eye-hand coordination. And what about an e-coaching programme for people with excess weight who want to change their lifestyle. But the ā€˜operating room of the futureā€™ is also an interesting project.


LIMIS is a foundation that eventually re-invests its profits into the development of new services and products in healthcare. We don't do this on our own, but in close cooperation with the business community, healthcare parties, universities, universities of applied sciences and other relevant healthcare related disciplines. LIMIS valorizes knowledge, but distinguishes itself from other knowledge institutes by actually bringing innovative concepts to the market.


The history of LIMIS started around 2000 with the laparoscopic surgery (surgical team) of the Medical Centre Leeuwarden (MCL). LIMIS was established to make this innovative laparoscopic technology generally available for surgeons. The institute has succeeded in its objective and is now nationally recognized as a high quality, certified expertise and training centre.

Core values

We consider it of importance to work from an economic basis. A professional culture and business impact are core values for us to be able to continue to be successful in the future as a ā€˜healthcare innovations developerā€™.


LIMISĀ has as core legal entities: LIMIS Development B.V., enabeling product development and LIMIS-Institute for HealthCare Innovations and Training.

Managing Director:
ir. Hessel A. Bouma

LIMIS Chief Training Programmes:
Prof. dr. J.P.E.N. Pierie, Surgeon

Involved surgeons:

LIMIS Supervisory Board:

  • Drs. M. Pool, director RUG Houdstermaatschappij B.V., chairman
  • Chr. Hoff, Surgeon Friesland surgical team

LIMIS Partners