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Project Springboard 2.0 - Med. Technology officially started

Springboard 2.0 facilitates cooperation and conditions to develop distinguishing and thereby competitive medical concepts. It acts as a regional platform in which companies and knowledge institutions cooperate multidisciplinarily in an inspirational manner and so develop knowledge and competencies. Together with its partners Springboard 2.0 makes an important contribution to the 'health requirements' of the active and healthy human. LIMIS also participates in this event.

Hessel Bouma presents Serious Gaming techniques

Hessel Bouma presents Serious Gaming techniques at the "Lernen in virtuellen Welten" (Learning in virtual worlds) conference.

Hessel Bouma is invited to give a presentation about LIMIS on 28 September 2011 at the "Lernen in virtuellen Welten" conference in the European Surgical Institute of Johnson & Johnson in Hamburg. This particularly concerns the projects that LIMIS is carrying out in the area of the development of simulators in the training of surgeons and the use of Serious Gaming techniques. The title of his presentation is "Virtual Reality / Serious Gaming for OR & Surgery".