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The LIMIS Training Center

Laparoscopic procedures are among the basic skills a surgeon acquires during the training. Anno 2011 general surgeons that just finished their training have the skills to perform diagnostic laparoscopy, laparoscopic cholecystectomy and laparoscopic appendectomy procedures. The more complex laparoscopic procedures are often undertrained.

It can be expected that due to the increase in complex minimally invasive procedures, there will become a great need for well-trained laparoscopic surgeons.

Some excellent short courses are excisting to learn about the possibilities and advantages of laparoscopic surgery.

However after such a first experience, surgeons will not immediately carry out such complex operations by themselves in their own hospital. To bring them the necessary routine, LIMIS developed a side-by-side training of laparoscopic procedures in the presence of an experienced surgeon. This form of training is a proven way for every surgeon to learn new techniques. The Medical Center Leeuwarden, where LIMIS is based, can offer a large part of the necessary training places.

Medical Center Leeuwarden

The Medical Center Leeuwarden is a large general hospital and a member of the Top-clinical Training Hospitals Association (STZ). Minimally invasive surgery is one of the priorities within the surgical team and the MCL’s management. In order to enable laparoscopic surgery, MCL established dedicated operating rooms, called ‘Endo suites’.

Available training

Approvals and Recommendations

The Dutch Association for Endoscopic Surgery (NVEC) approved the LIMIS training programs.
The Dutch National Healthcare Inspection (IGZ) refers in a comprehensive study on the introduction of the minimally invasive technique to LIMIS as an example institute of a well-designed training and sustained support.
Many surgeons trained by LIMIS, praise its high training value.

Tutor surgeons


After completion of the training program, the surgeon will receive the LIMIS certificate.